The Kouprey Mondulkiri Off-road Adventure and CamCar Racing Performance teams are representing the Kingdom at an international racing competition in Vietnam. The event, held in Dak Lak province, runs from August 11 to 17.

According to a social media post by the Mondulkiri Provincial Information Department, Touch Raksmey, director of the Kouprey Mondulkiri club, said that after receiving an invitation from the Vietnamese organising committee, he worked with the CamCar Racing Performance Team to enter two cars in the event.

The team travelled through the Dak Dam bilateral border gate in Oreang district to the venue, which is about 140km from the Cambodian border, on August 11, he said.

Raksmey was quoted as saying that the two teams worked together to host an international event earlier this year. The event, held at 12 Motor Park, was widely considered a success, and attracted wide support from the public, as well as from provincial leaders.

Speaking to the racing team on behalf of the people of Mondulkiri, acting provincial governor Sorn Sarun encouraged the athletes and the supporters who are joining the event to give the race their all and bring honour to the Kingdom.

“Although off-road car racing is not a traditional sport in Cambodia, it is becoming popular with people from all walks of life. It is an opportunity to show the potential of our beautiful natural resources and when there are races in the province, they attract many domestic and international tourists. This provides many benefits to the local population,” he said.

“Loy Phaly, one of the drivers who is competing in the race in Vietnam, is confident that he can win and bring the trophy home. He will demonstrate the amazing abilities of Khmer,” he added.

According to the provincial information department, two cars from the Kingdom are joining the event, with six support vehicles and a crew of 18 drivers and mechanics.