Originally inaugurated in 1964 and designed by renowned Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann, the National Olympic Stadium is undergoing a remarkable transformation. With new seats adorning the entire compound, the stadium will soon exude a captivating modern Khmer style.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC), in collaboration with the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC), played a crucial role in this upgrade.

Following approval from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the FFC initiated the installation of 25,000 new seats, meeting standards set by both the AFC and FIFA.

Camfield Trading, covering the costs of nearly $500,000, has contributed significantly to this modernisation effort. The stadium stands not only as a symbol of history but also as a contemporary sporting venue with enhanced facilities.

“We entered a bid of $498,750 for the acquisition of 25,000 seats, supplementing the existing 5,000 seats at the National Stadium,” FFC secretary-general Keo Sareth said.

With the addition of new seating, the stadium’s capacity will be able to accommodate 30,000 attendees, earning recognition from both the AFC and FIFA. The seat installation is currently on track for completion by the end of February.

“Anticipating a formal competition in March, the new seats are set to be ready by February. We have full confidence in our contractors’ ability to meet the deadline successfully,” he said.