In a remarkable twist for Cambodian football, Boeung Ket Football Club’s star forward Seang Chanthea signs for a Qatari Second Division team.

Puth Thida, the club’s head, touts this groundbreaking signing as an inspiration for aspiring footballers throughout Cambodia, spotlighting Chanthea’s exciting journey to international play.

Addressing local media, Thida enthused: “Chanthea playing abroad isn’t merely a personal achievement. It’s a testament to the rising status of our nation when our Cambodian player steps onto the Qatari league’s pitches”.

“This move by Chanthea sets a sterling precedent for our young players to emulate, opening doors for them to seize opportunities in the international football arena,” she added.

Negotiations for the transfer occupied nearly a month, with the completion of the necessary paperwork signalling Chanthea’s imminent departure for Qatar on July 22.

While Boeung Ket FC kept the new club’s identity under wraps, Thida confirmed that Chanthea’s Qatari Second Division debut, a year-long contract, will run from July 2023 through July 2024.

“Playing in the Qatari Second Division offers invaluable experiences for Chanthea,” she said.

“Our country is investing in sports development. Therefore, his success contributes to our national image. If he excels, it creates pathways for future generations of footballers to venture overseas,” she added.

Qatar’s football scene, having blossomed after hosting the World Cup in 2022, is an inviting prospect for Chanthea.

Thida expressed pride in the interested club and harbours hope that Chanthea’s leap could catalyse opportunities for other Cambodian footballers in the Qatari Second Division.