The Cambodian SEA Games Organising Committee (CAMSOC) summoned all local sports federations to discuss details and inform the committee about their work their international counterparts to strengthen Cambodia's ability to win medals as hosts of the historical biennial multi-sports event next year.

CAMSOC secretary-general Vath Chamroeun and Ouk Sithycheat, head of the committee’s General Department of Sports – along with their deputies in charge of techniques – discussed in detail the progress of the 45 local sports federations involved in the training of technical officers, arbitrators, judges and referees at their August 31 meeting.

These were in addition to the work of field preparation and the identification of the disciplines or subcategories within each sport most likely to yield medals for Cambodia at the games.

Chamroeun said the federations had agreed internally on the technical strategy for the organisation of each professional sport after receiving guidance from Minister of Defence and CAMSOC president General Tea Banh, as well as from Minister of Tourism and CAMSOC permanent vice-president Thong Khon.

"These are the preparations to finish up determining technical aspects as hosts and to look for strategies to find potential medal events for competing," he said.

Chamroeun said that in collaboration with international technical experts, local federation would receive clear principles to guide and prepare them for a successful competition.

"These are the key points in the strategy of seeking medals in the competitions for each sport. We identify challenges before presenting them to [Tea Banh] to get recommendations for their strategic plans so that Cambodia can host the 2023 SEA Games successfully as a historic first-ever event for the Kingdom," he explained.

Chamroeun claimed that, after this meeting, all national sports federations clearly understood and agreed upon their responsibilities and how to go about solving all the remaining problems.

Meanwhile, some federations such as Karate, Vovinam, Taekwondo WT, Taekwondo ITF, football and petanque tend to be the furthest ahead in their progress for next year’s games as they have experience hosting international competitions, according to Chamroeun.

"For all those federations, we don't have much problems. The issues now are more with the federations that have never hosted an international tournament here to date, so I urge them to prepare a friendly match with a visiting team to find out exactly how the venue and the technical equipment of the venue are lacking and what aspects are totally ready for the official competitions at the 2023 SEA Games.

"This is a very important point that they have to consider carefully … Thankfully, these remaining eight months are far from being too late to prepare,” he said.