A high-end residential property, the L’attrait which comes with Japanese aesthetics, modern designs and furnished with top quality international brand fittings, from door knobs, kitchen to bedrooms, is being constructed in Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK). The project is undertaken by Japan’s L’attrait Property Development Inc.

Its manager Mut Chandarith told The Post about its latest progress.

How is the construction of the condominium progressing and when will it be completed ?

We started construction at the end of 2017 and about 30 per cent of the project has been completed so far. Now, works are being done on the fourth floor and we plan to complete the project in the third quarter of 2020.

Could you tell us about your special offer for interested buyers?

There is a special offer for buyers starting from February 16 until Khmer New Year (April 14). We are offering special discounts up to $10,000 for selected units for Cambodian buyers.

What is so unique about the upcoming L’attrait property?

Our strong point is that we focus very much on quality, the Japanese are very particular on quality. There are plenty of residential properties in BKK but they are not suitable for foreigners to live in. L’attrait Boeung Keng Kang is a well designed residential property with all facilities that are suitable for expatriates, it is a value for money.

The towering L’attrait located in BKK1. Supplied

How many units have been sold so far and who are your main buyers?

We have sold about 80 per cent of the total 149 units so far. And, 90 per cent of the buyers are foreigners. Majority are Japanese, followed by buyers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the West. Only 10 per cent are local buyers due to less advertisements.

Why are the units selling fast?

The property is located in a prime residential area, in BKK1 and it is being developed by a trusted developer L’attrait Property Development which has nearly 30 years of experience in the construction sector and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our selling price is competitive and the all the units come with high quality excellent furnishings. In addition, we offer an attractive payment scheme and buyers can avail to bank loan of up to 50 per cent.

Can you give some insight on the condominium’s architecture and design?

The concept and master plan for L’attrait was developed by Japanese experts and the builder is CMED Construction Co., Ltd., a Cambodian company, whose engineers are mostly foreigners. So, the project is undertaken by quality international experts. We have designed based on Japanese houses, maximized space, bathroom is Japanese concept and all glass panels are double-layered. We will install three Hitachi elevators for the convenience of the occupants.

What is the size of the units?

The building is 26 storey and the gross floor area is 9,360 sqm. Size of a studio unit is from 27 to 36 sqm, the single bedroom ranges from 40 to 52 sqm, two bedroom is 68 to 76 sqm and the penthouse is 143 to 153 sqm.

An elegant furnished bedroom inside the condominium. Supplied