I am extremely proud to share my thoughts on this milestone anniversary as The Phnom Penh Post turns 29 today.

The Post continues to uphold the core principles of journalism to bring quality news to our readers and contribute to the profession and nation-building, something we have consistently strived for in the almost three decades since the publication was first launched.

We have thrived because we believe in our editorial integrity which is centred on objective, factual and unbiased principles; we have survived because we remain as a relevant mirror to society; we have succeeded because we see beyond the headlines to capture the news, rather than sensationalism.

And we continue to explore new methods of improving our news production and distribution to keep pace with the shifting contours of the media landscape.

Unexpected wake-up call

Undoubtedly, 2020 was by all measures a testing year. Our lives, routines and businesses changed dramatically after the Covid-19 outbreak early in that year, which also exposed our strengths, weaknesses and vulnerability to unforeseen risks.

The new environment we are living in forced us not only to reconfigure our business model but to look earnestly at the way we deliver news to our readers.

Organisational restructuring was introduced across the newsroom and other departments as they became the need of the hour to function in the “new norm”.

Staff redeployments, employees placed on rotation, working from home and physical distancing rules were quickly enforced as the management remained vigilant in safeguarding health.

This enabled us to continue publishing the daily news for our readers – at home and abroad – without major interruptions.

Looking beyond 2021

We are reinventing and innovating to be more competitive in bringing authentic and reliable, fresh and unbiased news to our audiences – both in print and digital formats.

Keeping abreast within a changing tech-driven media landscape, particularly during the pandemic, The Phnom Penh Post has enhanced its digital competitiveness by capitalising on social media platforms such as Telegram and Facebook to attract greater audiences.

‘People’s paper’

We are constantly sharpening our skills to continue understanding the needs of a fast-changing society to meet the high standards demanded by our advertisers and, more importantly, our loyal readers who insist on quality news – and to function as a trustworthy and respected newspaper in a dynamic environment.

Today we have reached another significant landmark in Cambodia’s media industry – The Phnom Penh Post and Post Khmer combined have some nine million viewers on Facebook – making us a recognised leader in both traditional media and the digital space.

We are evolving without losing our core values – we want to remain the “people’s paper”.

Our editorial team continues to highlight society’s challenges, from climate change, labour woes and people’s predicaments during the Covid-19 outbreak, to poverty and human rights, among others.

We have been part of the historic changes that the Kingdom has witnessed and we will continue to be a tool for change for social good. We are confident in continuing this incredible journey because we believe we are up for the challenge – the numbers say so too!

It is not only the numbers and the numerous media awards we have won that make us proud, but also for being part of the journey that has witnessed joy and success as well pain as the nation has progressed.

A big thanks!

These achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering confidence and support of our staff, advertisers, business partners and readers over these many years of success.

In this regard, I also appreciate the Royal Government of Cambodia, particularly the Ministry of Information, for creating an enabling environment for The Phnom Penh Post and other traditional and modern media to operate freely under the Constitution and relevant laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

I express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone for their support and collaboration.

As we celebrate this milestone, our thoughts go to all our friends and families who have suffered hardship or lost relatives due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and we salute our healthcare workers and all relevant officials who have been working tirelessly for months to care for those in need during this unprecedented health crisis.

I wish you all good health – happy anniversary!