Thirty years of success

LBL International has responded to the demands of Cambodia’s urban development by building high-quality infrastructure. With a landmark portfolio and a host of awards, LBL continues to define the Kingdom’s urban skyline.

The company’s history of success parallels the nation’s remarkable development, one that has fuelled demand for much-needed world-class infrastructure to support the country’s growth.

With core values of integrity and reliability, LBL has grown in leaps and bounds since its founding in 1991, building a reputation as a premium player in the crowded construction sector and making significant contributions to developments in design, architecture, engineering, construction and human resources in the industry.

The Cambodia Property Award given to Sun and Moon in partnership with ADA and LBL in 2017.

Former managing director Thierry Loustau Khao receives the 2012 Excellence Prize from the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The LBL Siem Reap team at AAK Project.

An LBL private villa team in Phnom Penh.

The LBL Tribe team.

LBL staff take part in a marathon in Siem Reap in 2018.

LBL founders attend a Chinese New Year ceremony in 1995.

Thierry Loustau Khao, Lysine Khao-Levasseur and Robert Latil on an UNTAC site visit.

LBL founders Lysine Khao-Levasseur and Thierry Loustau Khao with staff at LBL headquarters in 1998.

Senior LBL management staff celebrate the first edition of Le Mekong newspaper in 1993.

A staff gathering in 2012.

The LBL Sun and Moon Riverside team.

LBL staff pose for a group photo at head office.