The ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN-Korea Centre are exploring ways to advance ASEAN-Korea relations and strengthen cooperation between the centre and the ASEAN Secretariat, as the new head of the ASEAN-Korea Centre was sworn in on May 27.

Kim Jae-shin became the sixth centre’s secretary-general. He outlined the direction he intended to follow in the next three years.

He said the centre will focus on supporting sustainable and mutually beneficial ASEAN-Korea economic cooperation initiatives and facilitating tourism and cultural exchanges through capacity-building programmes, according to a press release.

“[Kim Jae-shin] highlighted the goal of enhancing solidarity and collaboration between ASEAN and Korea by fostering communication and raising awareness,” it added.

Jae-shin was appointed to the position in February.

Via a social media post, the ASEAN Secretariat noted that ASEAN secretary-general Kao Kim Hourn had congratulated Jae-shin on his assumption of the office, while commending the work of the centre over the years.

“He also encouraged the centre to initiate more activities and programmes to promote cooperation in trade, investment and tourism, as well as cultural exchanges between ASEAN and South Korea,” it added.