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Doubted self-portrait of renowned artist van Gogh is real, say experts

Publication date 21 January 2020 | 21:08 | ICT

A gloomy self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh was declared genuine on Monday after decades of uncertainty, experts identifying it as the only work painted by the Dutch master while he suffered from psychosis.



  • ‘Open-air museum’ blooms in gritty neighbourhood of Dakar

    Publication date 20 January 2020 | 20:57 | ICT

    Mamadou Boye Diallo, an art curator with a penchant for heart-shaped glasses, calls Dakar's working-class Medina neighbourhood an open-air museum.

  • Yaleng returns with thought-provoking local film Fathers

    Publication date 19 January 2020 | 21:06 | ICT

    The upcoming local film, Fathers, has drawn a huge social media following ahead of its premiere on January 30.

  • Street art campaign batters faces of famous women

    Publication date 16 January 2020 | 21:44 | ICT

    The battered faces of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel stare out of posters in Milan created by Italian artist AleXsandro Palombo to raise awareness of violence against women.

  • In the spotlight: Celebrating Phnom Penh’s unsung heroes

    Publication date 12 January 2020 | 20:39 | ICT

    In a country with no formal recycling system, edjais – the Kingdom’s informal waste pickers – have taken the noble responsibility of collecting plastic wastes which are haphazardly thrown on the streets of Phnom Penh.

  • ‘Pre-school Picasso’ shakes up German art world

    Publication date 09 January 2020 | 21:38 | ICT

    Mikail Akar doesn’t flinch as the cameras click around him. Born in 2012, the German artistic prodigy has spent half his life in the limelight.

  • Concert for a cause: A night of jazz music in Siem Reap

    Publication date 05 January 2020 | 21:16 | ICT

    What initially began as a simple restoration of a dilapidated piano has transformed into a night of music featuring three gifted pianists at the Kantha Bopha Auditorium in Siem Reap.

  • Folk puppets keep heritage of Egyptian satirical tales alive

    Publication date 02 January 2020 | 21:00 | ICT

    In an era of on-screen entertainment, a simple glove puppet named Aragoz still lures Egyptian audiences with comic sketches showing how wits and skill can defeat the thuggish and corrupt.

  • Burning issue: China’s incense makers labour ahead of the Lunar New Year

    Publication date 02 January 2020 | 20:53 | ICT

    Dozens of workers toil through the night coating thin lengths of bamboo in herbs, spices and richly coloured powders to create incense sticks that are spread out under the rising sun to dry.

  • ‘Art For Eyes’

    Publication date 17 December 2019 | 18:05 | ICT

    ‘Art For Eyes’ is an event that allows artists to auction their work for a good cause. It raises funds for the Khmer Sight Foundation to save Cambodians from blindness.

  • Detained migrants’ trash inspires US janitor’s art

    Publication date 16 December 2019 | 21:32 | ICT

    During a decade as a janitor at a US border station, Tom Kiefer gathered the trash left behind by thousands of undocumented immigrants, piecing together the histories of those who arrived seeking a better life.