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Disabled musician inspires others

Publication date 16 June 2021 | 19:58 | ICT

Despite having spent more than two decades lying on his stomach on a wheeled cart almost constantly, musician Brak Sophanna, 30, has never been one to spend much time at rest. He prefers to stay busy writing songs, helping with charitable



  • Socialism gets Indian wedding, comrades to attend

    Even little Marxism won’t miss out when Socialism gets married in southern India this weekend with his big brothers Communism and Leninism in attendance.

  • Cyclo Pantry for solidarity and kindness set in motion

    Just two months into its existence the local initiative Local4Local is launching another project to fight hunger called the Cyclo Community Pantry or Cyclo Pantry with support from the Cyclo Association.

  • E3 video game trade show kicks off online with Avatar offering

    The world’s premier video game trade show, E3, kicked off online June 12, celebrating play that “kept us sane” during the pandemic, celebrating fantasy worlds with Ubisoft’s new offering Avatar, and promising a real-world gathering next year.

  • Hard times for Jordan’s donkeys amid Covid-19

    Herds of hard-working donkeys once carried hordes of tourists on the rocky paths of Jordan’s Petra, but visitor numbers crashed amid the pandemic and the loyal animals are left without a job.

  • Global online fame for Cuban hip-hop crew

    In the country of salsa and rumba, a troupe of sneaker-wearing Cuban youngsters have burst onto the dance scene with a style until recently all but unheard of on the isolated island nation: hip hop.

  • ‘Mole’s World’ game fuels nostalgia among Chinese

    A re-issue of one of Asia’s most beloved video games is taking the Chinese internet by storm 13 years after its original release, fuelling a wave of nostalgia among the country’s young adults.

  • From bullets to bangles: Artisans make jewellery from war remnants

    In the craft alley of Wat Bo Road located in a part of downtown Siem Reap that was once bustling with tourists, a social enterprise workshop employs local craftsmen who are turning used bullet shells into modern jewellery under the name Chan Alanka.

  • Unique ‘dragon’s blood’ island under threat

    Centuries-old umbrella-shaped dragon’s blood trees line the rugged peaks of Yemen’s Socotra – a flagship symbol of the Indian Ocean archipelago’s extraordinary biodiversity, but also a bleak warning of environmental crisis.

  • US gold coin sells for $18.87M at Sotheby’s auction

    A 1933 US gold coin that was never issued after Franklin D Roosevelt removed America from the gold standard sold for a record $18.87 million at a Sotheby’s auction in New York on June 8.

  • Indonesian women take on plastic waste by producing bricks

    Alarmed by the mountains of plastic waste leaching into Indonesia’s waters, two best friends are taking on the environmental menace by turning crisp bags and shampoo packets into paving bricks.