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Aukus partnership will complement and not sideline Quad

Publication date 21 September 2021 | 20:08 | ICT

The formation of an Australia-UK-US (Aukus) partnership, dubbed Aukus, was declared by US President Joe Biden at a virtual joint broadcast occasion with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison last



  • Turning online games into teaching tool

    A recent announcement by the National Press and Publication Administration in China restricts the playing of video games to a maximum of one hour a day between 8pm and 9pm on weekends and holidays.

  • In search of just transition within food systems in Asia

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC’s) recent release of the Sixth Assessment Report is ringing a serious alarm bell on the role of methane emissions in climate change.

  • White Man’s Media: A short history

    To be fair, modern media is white men’s invention. Even though the Chinese invented paper and printing, Gutenberg’s type-set printing of papal indulgences and the Bible launched media into the religious, commercial and cultural space that launched the Industrial Revolution and imperialism.

  • Prejudice runs deep against gaming in South Korea

    Games are like an “electronic fungus” that spreads around South Korea, posing problems for the education of children. Games are so addictive that they hinder the healthy formation of character and even increase youth crime. In short, gaming is a “hotbed for the derailment of youth”.

  • Covid and the structural crises of our time

    The Covid-19 pandemic, devastating as it is, is not simply a health crisis. It is the product of an interlocking web of diverse problems that have been building up over time.

  • Taliban – Malala’s voice and Indonesia’s perspective

    Like many predominantly Muslim countries, Indonesia has refrained from openly recognising – or denouncing – the resurging Taliban of the majority ethnic Pashtun as the absolute ruler of Afghanistan.

  • Will central bank money ever be equitable?

    Over the weekend, the top central bankers convened (some by zoom) in Jackson Hole in the US state of Kansas to discuss “Macroeconomic Policy in an Uneven Economy”.

  • The G20’s Covid-19 agenda

    France ministers, central bank governors, and political leaders are hard at work preparing for the 2021 Group of 20 (G20) Heads of State and Government Summit in Rome on October 30-31.

  • Why do we need to revise the manufacturing sector?

    There has been a growing discussion globally on the transformation toward a service-based economic structure associated with the concept of a “post-industrial age”, which refers to how the manufacturing sector has been losing ground as the main driver of economic growth.

  • Better stop politicising the pandemic

    More than 211 million people have contracted Covid-19 and over 4.4 million succumbed to the disease.