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Drone-to-door delivery services: Futuristic fantasy or the next big thing in the Boreys?

Publication date 20 April 2021 | 16:31 | ICT

The use of drones for disparate and varied purposes related to filming, photography and even farming is already a widespread and well-established phenomenon in Cambodia.



  • Rise of the ‘robo-plants’ as Singapore scientists fuse nature with tech

    Remote-controlled Venus flytrap “robo-plants” and crops that tell farmers when they are hit by disease could become reality after scientists developed a high-tech system for communicating with vegetation.

  • The road not taken: South Korea’s self-driving prof

    Decades before the race to build a self-driving car became a multi-billion-dollar contest between tech giants such as Tesla and Google, a South Korean professor built an autonomous vehicle and test-drove it across the country – only

  • Banteay Srei farmer teams up with NGO to produce coconut fertiliser

    With borders sometimes closed to trade during the pandemic, Cambodia’s farmers have had to come up with new ways to get things done – including sometimes making changes to where they sell their crops and who they sell them to – but there have also been some changes to how they grow them as well.

  • App helps track your riel cash flow

    Before she started using the Kotra Riel app, Kem Sokunthea used paper notebooks to keep track of her daily cash flow for her business. Kotra means “record” in English.

  • Tiny houses: Turkish tourism thinks small

    Gizem Baburhan stepped into a tiny house on wheels she rented in the Aegean vineyards and saw the future of Turkey’s coronavirus-ravaged tourism industry.

  • Pandemic’s robot ‘heroes’ shines at tech show

    Robots that helped people survive and stay safe over the past year are touting their value at the tech industry’s annual extravaganza amid a pandemic which has given fresh momentum to the robotics sector.

  • ‘Most Innovative Teacher’ pursues maths, programming skills to develop AI tech

    Thol Chanthorn was just a high school teacher who had earned a degree in mathematics and had taught within his major for several years. While working as a teacher he has further developed his skills in maths and studied computer programming as part of his lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

  • Virtual idols take to the real-life stage in China

    Liu Jun has long been a fan of a Chinese star called Amy, a teenage pop singer with red hair whose autograph he treasures – and who only exists in the digital world.

  • Germany steams ahead with hydrogen-powered train

    Germany will trial a new hydrogen-powered train, its state-owned rail company said on November 23, signalling a transition away from gas-guzzling diesel engines as it aims for a carbon-neutral future.

  • Robot reminds Japan shoppers to wear masks

    Asking someone to put on a mask is a touchy subject, so one shop in Japan has enlisted a robot to make sure its customers wear them during the pandemic.