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How corporate disclosure ensures a healthy, trustworthy capital market

25 February 2024 | 21:45

Joining the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) marks a significant milestone for companies, opening doors to new capital and investor interest

Rehabilitation in the securities sector in the event of critical financial crisis

28 January 2024 | 21:30

Investor protection is a top priority for the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), with robust laws and regulations established to promote efficiency

CSX introduces USD settlement, increases market accessibility

17 January 2024 | 21:25

Investors can now trade their stock on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) in the local currency, the Khmer riel (KHR), and settle in US dollars (USD).

Countering financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

24 December 2023 | 21:50

Financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) refers to the intentional provision or collection of property, funds, or other services with the knowledge

Shift in Kingdom’s life insurance as players drive the industry forward

29 April 2022 | 08:30

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed two profound changes in the life insurance segment – growing positive perception among consumers towards insurance and insurers abandoning traditional sales channels to leap into the digital space and improve delivery.