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Solar pump systems up-front costs worth the trade-off for long-term benefits: farmers

Publication date 14 September 2022 | 15:42 | ICT

Agricultural expert Suong Noy has been advising farmers to use solar systems to pump water to their rice fields or plantations instead of using water pumping machines that run on fuel or manually.



  • ‘Drone swarm’ wows crowd at Koh Pich event

    Among the many exciting displays at the Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) event in mid June, the launch of a drone swarm which shifted its formation into text and images drew the most attention.

  • Student-formed business shines with sustainable name, products

    Kong Vong – which translates to “sustainable” in English – is an eco-friendly products business founded by two students, Sam Hengsopheavan and Hok Chanboramey, at the end of 2020.

  • Companies bet flying taxis will fix traffic jams

    As Urban traffic gets more miserable, entrepreneurs are looking to a future in which commuters hop into “air taxis” that whisk them over clogged roads.

  • Man turns ‘junk’ into full-time job

    Behind a secondhand shop in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, is the story of a man who made what many may consider an astonishing life choice, Ye Zizhen reports.

  • Britain is gearing up to watch television in new self-driving cars

    Motorists can sit back and watch TV once self-driving cars are approved on British roads but will be banned from using handheld mobile phones, government plans revealed on Wednesday.

  • ‘Big Boss’ ups ante on hover-bike

    His extravagant outfits and jaw-dropping stunts are headline news in Japan, but now larger-than-life baseball manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo has upped the theatrical ante by entering the stadium on a hover-bike.

  • Metaverse: Utopian tech bro fantasy is rife with misogyny, sexual harassment

    Nina Jane Patel felt confined and under threat as the male avatars closed in, intimidating her with verbal abuse, touching her avatar against her will and photographing the incident.

  • Japanese develop sophisticated new robots that offer ‘companionship’

    Humankind's quest to develop technology is creating the kind of artificial intelligence that can transform itself into a much-needed companion, in this case “communication robots,” which have become a magnet for people as opportunities for face-to-face contact become increasingly scarce amid the

  • Kenyan entrepreneur turns trash into cash

    ‘Plastic still has value,” said Nzambi Matee of the mountains of discarded oil drums, laundry buckets, yoghurt tubs and other trash being shredded into colourful flakes at her Nairobi factory.

  • Studio puts Phare’s prolific creativity up for hire

    For many people the name “Phare” brings to mind visions of the renowned circus in Siem Reap with its incredible performances that are a mixture of circus arts, narrative story-telling, dance and more.